These are some great resources we have found regarding preparedness for the Access and Functional Needs Community.

Aggregated Sites

▪       US Department of Health and Human Services. “Special Populations: Emergency an Disaster Preparedness.” (This is a site with a multitude links to resources for all special populations.) <>▪      

Toolkits for Emergency Managers

Emergency Preparedness for the Deaf

▪       Deaf and Hard of Hearing CERTs from the Community Emergency Preparedness Information Network. <>

▪       Deaf Emergency Preparedness Training Videos: 

Emergency Preparedness: Information for Individuals with Disabilities

    • National Organization on DisAbility. “Emergency Preparedness Materials” The purpose of the site: “Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, NOD launched the Emergency Preparedness Initiative to help emergency managers address disability concerns during an emergency, and to ensure that people with disabilities are included in planning, response, and recovery. This section includes descriptions and links to download the NOD’s research and publications.”<>.

▪ “Feeling Safe Being Safe” “Feeling Safe Being Safe is a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach for sharing personal preparedness information. All of the trainers are individuals with a disability. To become a trainer, each person must themselves be prepared, and then learn how to share the preparedness materials with others.” Blog post about it here:

    • “My Emergency Readiness Plan: Navigator’s Guide to Emergency Readiness Plan”  Developed by University of Delaware: Revised 3/22/2012  See the Pdf of the doc here: EPID Navigator Guide 03262012 Intro: “We welcome your decision to become a Navigator to help persons with disabilities (PwD) in Delaware to develop personalized emergency readiness plans. The work you are doing with them is very important. Always remember that the plans they develop—with your assistance—can help them to survive future emergencies they may face!”
    • Oregon Health and Sciences University  Funded grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Ready Now: Emergency Preparedness Toolkit for People with Disabilities.” 2012 <>.

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