This site is designed to promote information about how to communicate with the access and functional needs population before, during and after a crisis. Communication, everyone agrees, is the key for preparedness and response.  Implementation and follow-through, however, are challenging: what are the important messages and how can they be shared?  We will post content here that addresses those thorny issues.

The blog is run by Readiness Consulting Services, LLC with contributions from Kim Fletcher, Kim Stephens and Dr. Stephanie Jo Kent in collaboration and consultation with the Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council.org.


2 Responses to About

  1. Mary Kersell says:

    Hi Kim,
    Loving the blog and would like to add a link on the Hampshire Public Health Preparedness Website. May I copy articles from time to time?

    I notice in the ABOUT page that the link to WRHSAC is incorrect….the .org is missing. I also couldn’t see the blog posted on WRHSAC website.

    Thanks for your terrific work!

    • kim26stephens says:

      Thanks Mary,
      Of course, please link and copy whenever you find something interesting. I will correct the .org issue straight away.

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