Road-Side Assistance Sign Language Brochure

WMTV.Com from Omaha, NE posted this story about how two students at the Iowa School for the Deaf are helping people nationwide.

Seniors John Issacson and Johanna Scherling created a sign language brochure to help emergency personnel communicate with hearing impaired individuals.“There should be no communication barriers between two people,” Isaacson said.

The chart has basic messages to help people on the road. “We took pictures that were our idea and a design and put it into a brochure,”Scherling said.

Dean Bentizer is a volunteer for the Metro Area Motorist Assist Program. “Some people, some of them call us ‘road angels,'” Bentizer said. Bentizer rescues people on the highway by helping change tires and taking people to get gas. “When I approached them, the young girl let me know that she could not speak or hear. I went and got the chart and showed it to her,” Bentizer said.

“I think it’s really cool that we’ve done something for our community,” Issacson said.

You can find and download the chart here:

Read more:

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