Report: Sociability, Social Media for People with a Disability

Post by: Kim Stephens

web accessibility word cloud

web accessibility word cloud (Photo credit: itjil)

The report Sociability, Social Media for People with a Disability” was commissioned by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network and Media Access Australia. Their aim was to provide an insight into how people with disabilities can best use popular social media tools.

Their stated objectives:

• To support consumers with disabilities in performing particular tasks;

• To support the use of social media with assistive technologies and mobile devices;

• To gain an insight into the future trends of social media applications and their potential for consumers with disabilities.

The reported reminded me about the web portal Easy Chirp. “Easy Chirp is a web-accessible alternative to the website. It is designed to be easier to use and is optimized for disabled users. It also works with keyboard-only, older browsers like IE6, lowband internet connection, and without JavaScript.”

There seems to be a lot of good tips and tricks in this report. Let me know if you find it useful.

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